FalCare is here to support you in all aspects of your life, through the practical daily activities, to the emotional ups and downs. Here is a selection of what we can support you with:

Keeping Healthy
Your fully trained support workers help and encourage you to keep fit and healthy. You will be supported to make good choices regarding your diet. You will be supported to work in conjunction with a dietician to plan a regime to suit your needs. You could be supported to attend Healthy Living workshops in the community to learn skills and put them into practice for a healthy lifestyle. You can be supported to attend weight-loss groups where you can meet others with the same goals as you. Leisure activities are good for the body and soul, you will be supported with activities such as: Swimming, going to the gym, dance groups such as Fit 2 Wiggle and Shallal, Special Olympics and table tennis. Your staff will join in with you or support from a distance depending on your wishes.
Shopping and Domestic Tasks
You will be support by FalCare staff with your day to day tasks. You will be supported and encouraged to be as independent as possible, whilst gaining the confidence to try tasks for yourself.
Work, Volunteering and Work Experience
Service users of FalCare have a wide variety of working opportunities, these include: Gardening, charity shops, cafes, museums, the library, supermarkets, town shops and bars. During these opportunities you will learn new skills while meeting new people and building your confidence. You will be supported to find, set up and attend your placement.
Housing Support
You will be supported to live a full independent life. We can liaise with your landlord to help you keep to the conditions of your tenancy. We work closely with Housing Support companies to ensure your safety and comfort. We can help with setting up or prompting payments and can support you to apply for housing and council tax benefits. You will be supported to find suitable accommodation and we will support you through the process.
Social Interaction
Socialising is such an important part of a happy life; we all need friends and enjoyable experiences. At FalCare we will ensure you have the opportunities to enjoy suitable activities no matter of your ability. FalCare runs a social club open to all our service users, where FalCare staff plan and facilitate a multitude of social activities in a fun, safe, friendly environment. This is based at our Falmouth Day Centre, Trelowenak, but the group often goes into the community for the different chosen activities. You can also be supported to attend other social groups such as Funky Friday and Gateway Club. These groups are independently run where people meet up to make friends and partake in activities such as meals out, arts, bingo and cinema trips. You can be supported to attend any club of your choice. You will be supported to access your local amenities, to build trust with those around you, such as local shops, cafes, banks and chemists, so you can be independent the area around your home. We help you to get to know your local surroundings so you can safely go out knowing the area, where places are and how to get home. You be supported to plan and go on special days out. Maybe a trip to the zoo, theme park or theatre, whatever it is in your heart that you wish to experience, you will be supported to achieve it.
Your staff are fully trained in the safe handling of medication. You will be supported to make a plan to ensure you take your medication. This will include ordering and storing your medication correctly. We can support you to attend appointments and follow your medical professionals’ instructions and recommendations.
Correspondence and Budgeting
FalCare staff will help you with any letters you receive. We can help you to understand and take action on any information. We can help you to budget your money by helping you to plan around your income and outgoings to ensure you stay within your financial means.
Creative dance with Shallal at Draceana Centre

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